Imagine this: a plumber at your door in muddy shoes and dirty jeans or a nicely dressed company’s representative in a branded overall and in clean boots with shoes covers? Everything else being equal, I bet you would pick up the second one. No brainer, right?

Taking the time to care about your outer appearance means that they will pay the same attention to detail when they work at your home.

Many presentable plumbers tell me the same thing time and again: “If you dress well, with a good haircut, cut nails, clean boots and all, that shows your customer that you will take the same care and attention to your customers and their homes”. Same applies to the way you talk on the phone with your customers. Nice, friendly and professional attitude will keep your customers coming to your business instead of going to one of your competitors.

It is not hard at all. Just do it the right way the first time, and then just maintain your appearance. Use my four-point guide to look your best every single time:

  1. Cut your nails and keep them short. Keep your hands and nails clean and remove any dirt or debris daily.
  2. Cut your hair short. If you loathe going to the barbershop, you can easily maintain your look at home with a trimmer or hair clipper. It used to be a bit messy experience with all the hair in the bathroom, but not anymore. I use a vacuum hair trimmer and it has been a real gamechanger for me!
  3. Keep your clothes clean. Better yet, wear a shirt with your company’s logo. Makes a good impression, and you might get more business from the neighbors who have seen you.
  4. Wear shoe covers. I can’t stress that enough. Walking with your muddy work boots into your new customers’ squeaky-clean house won’t make them happy at all. I remember being impressed with a small construction company that cleaned every day after them.

Care for your customers and they will call you again and again. Don’t underestimate the word of mouth promotion, too. A recommendation from a friend means much more than an advertisement on the radio.

Remember, appearance is the first thing your customers note about you. Read more at Plumbers Magazine

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